Meet our Shear Magic Family!

Meet our Exceptionally talented Canine Stylists and the rest of our fabulous Shear Magic Family that make Shear Magic PET GROOMING the go to place for all your pets grooming, hygiene and nutritional needs. Working hard as we lovingly care for your pets.

employees pink october group

      President of Shear Magic PET GROOMING Inc. NCMG Dorian , I’m blessed to do the work that brings joy to my life… It still makes me giggle when a dog prances around as if to say “I’m so pretty, oh so pretty” or “I FEEL GOOD” that makes my day. I know then we did something good.. A graduate of Florida Institute of Animal Arts. While attending school I worked for a grooming salon under the guidance of  an N.C.M.G. (National Certified Master Groomer) with years of experience, vast knowledge, and talent. It was a valued educational experience and  I received a first place award in a grooming competition (yay!). Pet Grooming competitions are time consuming; I learned quickly I’d rather spend my time in the shop with my little friends.  I then pursued and achieved the title of  National Certified Master Groomer (N.C.M.G). certified by the National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA). This was a great honor as only 4 percent of all groomers nationwide have achieved this degree. Now it was time to spread those wings again and go out on my own. So here I am. It’s an honor and  privilege to share in the love and care of your pet. My Team and I look forward to seeing you all at Shear Magic PET GROOMING Inc.

kerrie and pets


Grooming Supervisor NCMG   Kerrie is an Award winning competition groomer and an  NDGAA National Certified Master Groomer. Kerrie is an accomplished and talented groomer who came to Shear Magic from Feelin’ Groomy. She brings to the table a  kind and gentle spirit and lots of laughter, she always brightens our day.  Our Canine friends are always happy to see her, I think she makes them laugh too. Kerrie is a local gal, She graduated from Florida Institute of Animal Arts.  She mentored  with the best of the best and has continued to grow as a person and a grooming stylist, taking every opportunity to learn.  Kerrie is a proud canine parent of rescues and show dogs, her canine family (pictured) are  Tazor, a Champion Bichon, Zoomie, a Powder Puff Chinese Crested , Foxy(RIP), a rescue poodle/crested mix and Champion Bandsmans Dancing Bear a Mini Schnauzer.   We can now add Bogie to the mix. He is Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier (not pictured). Kerrie arrives daily with all dogs in tow. We watch in awe as Kerrie brings  the same love and compassion to our clients furry family members every day. She’s a true gem. Welcome to Shear Magic, Kerrie! You make our k-9 kids FEEL  GROOMY.  

Shelbi-Ann Vice President (on leave)

Shelbi and Shannon wear many hats. From greeting our guests and keeping us organized,  booking your appointment and running our office. If you have any questions, they will send you in the proper direction to best suit your needs.

Shannon our Super Clerk, 

shannon at shopIt’s not uncommon to find her at the desk with all kinds of four legged help about… If not in her lap… It’s so much fun to see how excited some of our guests are to see Shannon –                                                                                                                                               canines and humans alike…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

NCG Kathie: Grooming manager of our Maitland Shear Magic’s Feelin’ Groomy. Kathie is an NDGAA Certified Groomer, and beams with talent.  Showing and breeding Standard Poodles is a passion of hers. Yes she’s the one doing that fancy Continental Trim on the show Poodles. Kathie has also shown Pharaoh Hounds at Westminster ( The Garden)  and is dedicated to the welfare of our team and guests alike with a kind heart.. To our team Kathie brings her many years of experience as a grooming instructor and salon manager. Kathie is always willing to share her wealth of knowledge with clients and co-workers.  Welcome Kathie… 

 Kristin: Is our newest addition to our Casselberry store, Canine Styling for 13 years from New York she is spunky and and always smiling, our canine guests love her as do our human guests who’ve had the opportunity to meet her…Oozing with talent, she creates simply beautiful workmanship… Welcome Kristin 

allia dog

Allia : Our Super bather and Grooming apprentice. There are days this shop couldn’t function without her.  She multi tasks and keeps up with the Stylists…She is our “go to girl”… Allia you Rock…

seth bath

SETH: Our weekend helper, and hard worker. Who loves and cares for our guests with baths, water, walks , play time and clean up… We love you, Seth!



Kyle is the newest addition to our Maitland salon. He is usually being followed by an entourage of dogs everywhere he goes. They all LOVE HIM! After working with us as an amazing bather, he attended grooming school. Upon completion we were happy to bring him back to work with us. Kyle is showing incredible talent and is always trying to learn as much as he can. We are happy that he is, once again, part of our grooming family. Welcome back, Kyle!



Jen: Manages our Maitland salon.  She owned Feelin’ Groomy in Casselberry for years before moving back to her hometown in Pennsylvania. That’s when Shear Magic merged with Feelin’ Groomy. After a few years of being out of the business, Jen knew that she had to go back to what she loved – working with the dogs. We talked her in to moving back here to Florida and we have all been happy ever since. Welcome back, Jen!








Jaci: Our mascot completes our Shear Magic Family   







harold and buddy


Last but not least our boys Buddy and Harold.

 Lynda, our Friend,  always volunteering with a helping hand.                        


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We have taken Charlie to Shear Magic 2 times. We have been so pleased with your services. Charlie looks so good and is very happy. Thank you Joan & Jr Ashburn

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